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What You Need to Know About Trampolines

Posted on September 25, 2016  in Health, Home Improvement

The trampoline is a very popular toy that has been around for a very long time now. Children and teenagers all over the world have enjoyed this piece of equipment even with just the simple jumping motion that it can give. It is indeed fun to jump on the trampoline and even experiment with some somersaults and other forms of exhibition but we must be aware that wrong landings can cause serious or worse permanent injuries. Most trampolines already have a net for a floor and foam padding surrounding it to lessen impact but sometimes these safety measures are not just enough. Check what our experts have to say about trampoline accidents, Trampolinereviewer.com is an excellent information hub for trampolines. Visit now and get more news about the best trampolines in the market.

Trampoline-Related Injuries

Hundreds of people are injured while playing on trampolines every year. Most of these accidents happen in home trampolines and less would most likely to happen in commercial trampolines that are being rented in carnivals, malls, and other entertainment centers. The only thing very alarming about this is that kids that are 6 years and younger are the most common victims of trampoline injuries. Trampoline-related injuries often occur when there is more than one person jumping on the trampoline that often leads to collision or awkward landings due to lack of space to operate on.

Childs dirty feet jumping on trampoline

Common Injuries Associated with Trampolines


  1. Broken bones that may sometimes need a surgery to repair
  2. Head concussions and whiplash
  3. Sprained ankle, sprained wrist and elbow strain,
  4. Bruises and cuts
  5. Neck injuries that could sometimes lead to death

The most common reason why kids get hurt when playing on the trampoline is due to a bad landing. There are kids who also try to do more out of their abilities by trying out somersaults and other stunts on the trampoline that could be very risky due to possible head and neck injuries. Check  Best Mini Trampolines, Kids Trampolines to buy the best and the safest trampoline for your kids. Whenever there is more than one person on the trampoline, it is also sometimes inevitable that they’d bump on to each other since they would all want to jump from the middle where the highest jump is possible. Another possible cause of accidents on the trampoline is when the jumper accidentally lands on the frame of the trampoline where there is less foam to suppress impact. For more information about trampolines then visit trampolinereviewer.com for more articles such as this one. Getting to know the toy aside from simply playing on it would definitely help to be more cautious when playing on it.

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